The Giesen Roastcast #8 Emanuellis Ryklys – A coffee box full of ideas

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Everyone drinks coffee, this is a moment of peace, an energy boost or simply to connect with someone. But who are the people roasting your coffee? You’re listening to the Giesen Roastcast, where we talk about everything that has to do with roasting and your business in the coffee industry. Cisca roasted coffee year in, year out for over half a decade. With her own coffee roastery and as an ambassador of Giesen Coffee Roasters, she wants to show you what it means to roast coffee for a living. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax. This is the Giesen Roastcast.

Today’s guest on the podcast is Emanuellis Ryklys, he’s an author, made his own coffee tool and is the founder of Crooked Nose roastery. With years of experience, Emanuellis gets a take on coffee trends and coffee culture. In this podcast, he shares his ideology of coffee and his way to success.

You can also listen to the episode here:

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