New wooden handles for our roasters

We manufacture our coffee roasters with care and an eye for details. This is true for the technical details, as well as the exterior. This is why we decided to change the options for our wooden handles. There are now three choices: Palisander, Zebrano and Olive wood.


Original name: Amazakoue
Palisander is a precious wood, botanically related to the rosewood species. It is however not an endangered wood, even if it’s not a plantation wood.

Palisander exampleThe primary distribution is from Mali via Mozambique to South Africa. The trees have a minimum altitude of 40-50 meters with a trunk diameter of about 2 meters.

It is a high quality, hard wood with fine to medium pores, but at the same time resilient and not prone to cracking. This wood is durable and very sustainable in a natural way. The grain is black brown and the base color dark brown.

The wood is used for furniture, musical instruments and art objects.


The Zebrano is a very decorative fine wood, which is native in tropical West Africa. Zebrano ExampleIt has a unique grain and is very popular.

Zebrano has average pore, is relatively hard and easy to work with. The trees can reach an altitude of 40 meters. The grain is bright or dark striped, reminding of a zebra, and is quite unique in the timber industry.

It is used for luxury furniture, as well as art objects because it is very decorative.

Olive wood

Olive trees are slow-growing trees of several hundred to several thousand years old. They can reach an altitude of about 20 meters and display an irregular growth.Olive wood example

The wood is very decorative, with fine pores and hard. Because of this hardness it tends to crack and a slow drying is necessary.

Big dimensions are hardly available. Olive wood in good processing quality is very limited and therefore high-priced.

Resources are mainly in the Mediterranean region, and North Africa. The grain is wild until fickle with a yellow to dark brown colour.

More about our wooden handles

These three wood options are available for all of our new roasters. Do you already have a roaster? You can order a new set of handles and change them. If you have any questions about these wooden handles and want to receive more information, feel free to contact us at

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