Introducing Giesen ambassador Cisca Colijn (Miss Morrison)

The more knowledge the better, right? Therefore, at Giesen, we’ve got some great ambassadors who know everything about the craft of roasting. One of our newest members is Cisca Colijn from Miss Morrison. Let’s get to know her!

‘‘My name is Cisca Colijn. I am 35 years old, live in Delft and I’m the mother of a 2-year-old daughter. I have been running a coffee roastery with a Giesen W6A and W30A for the last 7 years and have been an ambassador for Giesen since November.’’

The love for coffee

‘‘I’ve always loved coffee! I remember drinking it with my parents (not every day!) when I was younger. I was allowed to drink a cup of ‘kids coffee’; an espresso cup filled with brewed filter coffee, sugar and milk, along with a biscuit to dip in my coffee.

During the first year of college, I came across many different coffee shops. The atmosphere, the good coffee, the social aspect; I was sure that after my studio I also wanted to start ‘something like that’. Despite the fact that I did not know exactly what it would be like, I knew that coffee was my journey to take.’’

Coffee in Italy

‘‘Coffee flows through the veins of Italians. If you say Italy, you say coffee. I wanted to know their secret, so I decided to travel to Italy. In every village, I ordered an espresso in the busiest coffee bar, asked what coffee they served, then asked where the roastery was and get in the car to find it. Italians are very friendly people, so in the end, we were welcome in every roastery. The pride of the roaster in explaining how the process works, sharing their ‘secret’ and letting you taste the end result; that was truly a fantastic experience. Because of the stories, the smells and the flavors I immediately knew one thing for sure; I also wanted to roast coffee and create flavors!’’

Miss Morrison

The goal of Miss Morrison

‘‘The best thing about roasting is creating and discovering flavors. This is really the best part for me! Miss Morrison’s goal is to connect with coffee. For a long time, I thought my goal was to roast the best coffee (in Delft). And honestly? Chasing this goal was so exhausting! I knew that I couldn’t, roast the best coffee. Because what does that mean?

During my maternity leave two years ago I started thinking about my business. It gave me a clear vision that it doesn’t matter whether my coffee is the best in town. All that matters is being happy with what I do every day. And what really gets me out of bed every morning is creating flavors.’’

Giesen ambassador

‘‘I am so proud to be an ambassador for Giesen! As a female roaster representing my way of roasting, to an audience that is engaged with coffee with the same commitment, drive and passion; that makes me very happy! In recent years I have found out that my knowledge is very valuable, but that it only has really value when I share it with others. Giesen gives me the platform to get in touch with like-minded people who I can help with my knowledge. I am incredibly grateful for that!”

Miss Morrison

”Everyone who currently has a question about roasting or about their business: send me an email at’’

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