Client focus: CafeBoutique in Ukraine – from W6A to W15A!

CafeBoutique in Ukraine is a small coffee roastery. They roast and sell their own specialty and premium coffee, as well as equipment and accessoires. This business has been running for over 3 years, and is located in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. It operates through a physical store and a webshop.

‘We just love delicious coffee!’

‘Our passion lies in the creativite aspects of roasting – finding new tastes and experiences! We just love the delicious coffee!

– Dmytrio Potupin, owner of CafeBoutique.



Their vision is clear: producing a high quality coffee for true connoisseurs. As well as good coffee equipment and accessoires, to further support coffee lovers.

Many different clients

This small business has a varied clientele. Business clients include coffee shops, coffee-points, restaurants, cafes, specialty coffee shops, and offices. The store is also frequented by ordinary people looking for extraordinary coffee.

‘We interact with our customers in different ways: we meet them face-to-face at coffee festivals, fairs and expo’s. We communicate online through Facebook, and meet them through our friends in the coffee community of Ukraine!’, Dmytrio states.  


CafeBoutique in Ukraine
CafeBoutique in Ukraine

Besides producing great coffee, CafeBoutique takes an active role in Ukrainian SCA championships (Specialty Coffee Association). ‘We take part in the activities and take on the role of a sponsor, by supplying coffee.’

Meeting Giesen

‘CafeBoutique in Ukraine learned about Giesen by reading through client reviews on the internet. But we were also informed by the company of Mare Terra (Giesen distributor from Spain). We ultimately decided to make the purchase based on functional value, pricing and recommendations from people we trust. We also decided to go for Giesen due to its’ appearance!’

CafeBoutique in Ukraine
CafeBoutique in Ukraine

Dmytrio (right) with his partner (left) and Sonja Bjork Grant (middle) with both machines. Sonja, our distributor from Iceland, supported CafeBoutique in their upgrade!

Dmytrio is happy about his purchase; ‘Our roasting experience significantly changed since our purchase from Giesen. This was mainly because of sufficient functionalities, the good roasting process control and a good balance between design and batch size. This applies particularly to the W6A. With regard to the W15A: we are just now exploring its’ possibilities!’

Future ambitions of CafeBoutique in Ukraine

‘Of course we look ahead! We already have our eyes set on the W30/45/60A Coffee Roasters, and destoners for them!’

Let’s hope for many great roasts to come, and hopefully another upgrade in both machine size, and coffee roasting experience!

CafeBoutique in Ukraine
CafeBoutique in Ukraine

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